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Downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7

Downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 is very easy.

All that is needed is a DVD copy of Windows 7 - to boot from, either borrow one or download an iso of the Windows 7 version you want from here and burn it to a DVD, then put the DVD in your drive, boot from it (usually F12 from the startup repeatedly until you get a boot menu depends on your machine) and follow the instructions to install Windows 7.

If you have bought Windows 8 Pro downgrading is free of charge just use the Windows 8 Key on the sticker on your computer (laptops sometimes have this inside the battery compartment). If you have Windows 8 Premium you must buy a Windows 7 Premium key from Microsoft in order to activate the new installation.

NB Windows 8 Touchscreen and Mouse gestures will probably not work on a Windows 7 installation but I have seen one that does so it is not always true.

Upgrading Vista / Windows 7 to Windows 8

Firstly if you want to upgrade from Vista any machine that will run Vista will be vastly quicker when running Windows 8, the ony reason to buy a new machine is if you want the touchscreen facilities, this will involve an expensive touch enabled monitor or a new touch enabled laptop. Other than that I would advise buying a copy of the upgrade version of Windows 8 you want from Amazon not via the "Windows Anytime Upgrade" button on your existing machine because that is stupidly expensive. I have not come across any driver issues or problems requiring intense effort like installing Windows XP occasionally needed - 99% of drivers for older machines are either in the installation disc or via Windows update.

If you are local and would like a machine upgraded to Windows 8 and fully set up with AV, Desktop Modifications etc for you please contact me

Versions of Windows 8

Much simpler than Windows 7 with its hundreds of versions, here there are only 2 worth bothering with.

Windows 8 Pro - Comes with Downgrade Rights to allow businesses to downgrade to Windows 7 if required, costs about £70 more than Windows 8 Premium.

Windows 8 Premium - The default version,

Upgrade Versions as above but cheaper on Amazon, as at June 2013 you can get a Windows 8 Pro Upgrade version for £45.00 - obviously upgrades require and existing version of Windows 8 to install.

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